Tree Stump at Seabrook

Got our picture taken on the Stump at Seabrook!

Along the coast of the Olympic Peninsula you will come across the beautiful Pacific Beach. While you are there, you will find a tiny beach town that hosts Seabrook Cottages. With its white shelled sidewalks and adorable beach themed houses, there is much to love about this charming community.

It was at this fun little get-away town where Nicole decided she wanted to have her bachelorette party. Staying in one of the cottages there at Seabrook, it turns out, couldn’t have been a better idea!

This town is so adorable, and totally reminds me of the small coast towns of New England. With their beach themed houses, small town community feel, and those cape style homes that I grew up with, I felt like I was right back at home.

Each of the homes had a theme – ours was called Playin’ Hooky. It had a great front deck with a grill, sleeps 10 (depending on the house more or less sleeping arrangements can be found), and even had a backyard jacuzzi (which we took advantage of every night)! The open style kitchen was amazing; we brought all of our own cooking supplies and made breakfast with each other every morning!

The neighborhoods were quaint, and there were lots of people around, even for April when the weather isn’t quite warm yet.

All within walking distance there is a tiny downtown area which has a couple restaurants, a small convenience store, a bike rental shop, pottery painting, a candy store, a souvenir shop, and (most importantly) the beach.

Saturday morning we had such a fun time exploring the beach, which was just a short walk out of our neighborhood. There were so many people along the beach; some even drove onto the beach which for this New England girl is a little out of the ordinary! It was so beautiful to be right up on the coast, and you could even go clamming during the right season!

Beach cruiser Rental

Whoops! Needed to make a pit stop as one of our bike’s chain came undone!

Then that afternoon we rented bikes and went on quite the adventure! Now remember, we were on beach cruisers, and decided that we wanted to go on a trail called “Narnia” which we were told is totally beach cruiser friendly (they also had mountain bikes for rent as well). Well that wasn’t exactly the case.

Once we got to the trail head (after one of our bike chains came undone) we realized that this trail wasn’t exactly beach cruiser friendly. Half of us went while the other half decided to ride around the neighborhoods. I was one of the lucky ones who went on the trail!

Oh man, what a crazy bumpy ride through the trail! Filled with lots of hills and tree roots! It was hysterical that we even made it through. But it gets better! The trail dumps you off on the highway! I mean it was only maybe a half-mile away from the entrance to the cottages, but still, a little heads-up would have been nice.

All in all it was a very successful bachelorette weekend. Full of lots of tequila shots, drinking games, laughter, and amazing memories celebrating Nicole’s future.

Cheers girl! Here’s to love, laughter and happily ever after!

rental bikes at seabrook

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