Lots of BaconBucket list item Bacon and Beer Classic Seattle has officially been checked off, and it was nothing short of amazing! I had missed it last year due to work, and when I saw it pop up on my Facebook I told myself I was definitely going this year.

The Bacon and Beer Classic takes place at Safeco Field, the major league baseball field in Seattle. The ticket includes unlimited bacon, bacon themed appetizers from local restaurants, and craft beer from regional breweries. I was particularly excited about sampling all of the beer selections as I am still unfamiliar with the breweries in Seattle, and at an event like this it makes it easier to sample them all at once! There is even an app to help you keep track of the ones you like and dislike!

I had been looking forward to this weekend for a couple months now, and was pretty upset to learn that not only were tickets selling at $75, but the time slot I wanted to attend, 1-4PM, was already sold out.

Heading over to the Facebook events page I decided to see if anyone had an extra ticket they would be willing to sell to me, which was a little more challenging than I expected. Since I was headed there alone, it was a little difficult to get someone to sell me just one ticket.

Eventually though, someone messaged me saying they had an extra ticket and would like to sell it to me at a discounted price (amazing!) and will meet me at the gate (even better!). As it turns out, I found the best bunch of people possible to purchase my ticket from!

So there I am sitting on the bus headed down to Safeco and bam and huge wave of anxiety hits me square in the face – and now I’m thinking maybe I should get off the bus, I don’t really need to go to this event, it’s not too late to go find a mountain to climb instead!

I mean I know I talk about going out there and meeting new people and doing things on my own, but the fact that someone I didn’t know physically had my ticket – I almost turned around 4 separate times!

But I am sure glad that I didn’t! These are probably one of the funniest groups of people I have ever met!

Bacon and BeerI mean once we got into the event I did try and respectively bow out, but they weren’t having it! They asked me to stay and hang out with them, which was awesome! I was completely prepared to spend the afternoon wandering around by myself, which I totally didn’t mind. But I have to admit it was way more fun getting to know this group of individuals and drinking and eating!

I mean come on! Isn’t this the reason why I moved here? To get out and meet people I didn’t know, and do things I haven’t done before! What a perfect opportunity!

We sampled Ace Craft Ciders, Bad Jimmy’s, Bellevue Brewing Company, Northwest Brewing Co, Wicked Cider Co, and Elysian Brewing just to name a few – you can check out the full list at here!

And we also had tons of delicious treats from Bavarian Meats: Pike Up Dog, Carter’s Chocolates & Ice Cream: Maple Bacon Ice Cream & Bacon-Infused Chocolate, Friday Harbor House Of Jerky: Bacon Jerky (Habanero or Maple), Jimmy Mac’s Roadhouse: Pulled Pork Slider (this one was my favorite!), Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya: Pork Belly Squares

All and in all I had a BLAST. Well worth the money, time, and my spouts of anxiety about heading there alone! You even get a souvenir red glass solo cup (score)!

Bacon and beer classic