meditation at the beachI wrote in an earlier post, Back on the Mat, about how my specific mantra has helped me through so much on and even off the yoga mat. From my daily activities, to focusing during my asana practice it has been a great tool for positive energy. Having this resource (and remembering that I had it), and bringing it back into my life, has (and reflecting back, always does) made some significant improvements within my everyday life.

In sharing this post about Mantras, I wanted to show that this sound, word, or phrase that you decide on, I truly believe, assists in battling with your daily monkey-mind. Mantra’s are important, and when using yours it can give you guidance towards positive outcomes and rejects any negativity that could be lurking around your energy.

When choosing your Mantra, chose something that inspires you, and when you recite it, recite it in its present tense, not a past or a future tense. I believe when you focus on your Mantra, you choose those that inspire you. Because to be truly happy, and find that inner-peace, what you repeat is what you get.

A mantra is another form of meditation that when taken from your intention helps focus in on your ultimate goal. The intention, remember, is the map of your journey and think of your mantra as your GPS. It keeps you focused; helps keep you from wandering too far from your intended path. Your intentions are always evolving; however you don’t want to get lost.

Some phrases that you could practice with, or to help customize your own are:

This too shall pass
I live in the present moment
I am grounded
I am confident
I am strong

Or if you’re trying out some Sanskrit these sounds are in the positive realm:

Om- sound of the universe
Shanti – Peace
Ananda – Bliss
Prasada – Grace

These Mantras are not only helpful for when your monkey-mind is going crazy during your yoga practice, but they can also bring you back into focus during your daily life. Mantra’s give you that little reminder to follow through with what makes you happy, and that putting all this work and effort into your practice (and your personal life) has significance.
Tell me about your mantras, and what inspires and makes you happy!