The majority of my friends and family are still on the East Coast. This has led to several whirlwind weekends back to my lovely hometown, Newport RI.

I absolutely love flying, and I love the fast-paced, jam-packed weekends that these trips entail. My favorite so far was flying back to surprise my best friend, Alex, for her 30th birthday back in October. Her husband reached out a few months prior to tackle the surprise element of this party.

And of course, I jumped at the chance to fly in without her knowing!

5 Weekend EssentialsI took a red-eye in on Saturday morning, and I almost gave it away when I landed mid-morning on the East Coast. I was waiting for my next plane to take me into Providence when I noticed a picture of cupcakes Alex had posted to her Facebook. It was 9:30AM EST and I figured she was awake, so I sent her a quick text saying those cupcakes looked heavenly and she immediately shoots back with “Why are you up so early on a Saturday?” Whoops! Alex is supposed to think that I am still on the West Coast, a 3 hour time difference (6:30AM PT!). Needless to say, I blamed it on hiking and that since the trail I wanted to go to was so far away, I needed to get up early to beat the traffic.

The surprise was a success! Alex got to the house after a day of hiking herself, and everyone was there to celebrate. Meanwhile, I was hiding in her bedroom, and when she came back to put her things down, there I was lying around like it wasn’t out of the ordinary I was there! We laughed, and cried, and drank too much wine. And at 3:30AM I drove myself back to the airport, to catch my 6AM flight back to Seattle!

There have been many times I have taken that red-eye flight home, and I have several trips this upcoming year that I will head back just for 24-hours for events that I wouldn’t dream of missing: a graduation from law school, meeting baby Tannock, a wedding, and so many more!

Outside of the obvious must-haves: a passport and headphones, here are my must-haves when traveling for these crazy weekends:

A book – I’m old school, I am one of those people who always has a hard copy of a book. I can’t help it, I love the smell and the feel, and it’s a must-have.

Blue Diamond Almonds – because you most certainly need a snack on the plane, and airport food can get expenseive! One rule: these must be smoke house flavor!

Chap Stick – I don’t know about you, but my lips always get chapped when I’m traveling, the constant change in air pressure and climate does a number on my lips, so I always have one where I can get to it!

Arbonne Calm Travel Size Set – I always find that when traveling I breakout the most! Then using different face products just makes it worse. My solution? Arbonne Calm Travel Size Set. I just love the Arbonne calm face wash, it’s my favorite, and I’ve tried many skincare products, and this is by far the best for me! The travel size is just perfect to throw into my carry on (or for weekend camping trips!) and hit the road!

Empty Water Bottle & A couple energy fizzy sticks – I have been trying to get more water intake, and it truly helps when I have my own reusable bottle. Plus I am going to need some energy for such a fast-paced weekend and the pomegranate flavor is my go-to. The best part is that it’s fizzy! I have been trying to steer clear of the soda (which is very hard for me since I just love a cold diet-coke) and this has been the perfect substitute.

Am I missing anything? Let me know what the most important thing is for your whirlwind weekends!