Summer 2017 has begun… and then just like that it’s September, and with it, the first week of Fall!

June was an extremely busy month for this gypsy! And what I didn’t think would happen, neglecting my beloved blog, totally happened! I have even been terrible at posting on Instagram! I seriously feel terrible about it, but at the same time, being disconnected and just living without documenting every second of it was a nice break as well!

July picked up more speed and August didn’t slow down either! Every weekend through Labor Day was jam-packed full of adventures, weddings and exploring Washington! And let me tell you, I am loving every second of it (even though I am exhausted)!

Pacific Northwest Photography

Brittany and Matt’s Wedding : Capture by the ever talented Samantha McFarlen

To kick start this summer, friends and I went hiking up the Quinault River for Memorial Day weekend. It was the most I had ever carried in my pack, and I have to admit, it was pretty challenging (more to come in my next post)!

I had the incredible honor of being a brides-maid for my best friends wedding in July; and danced my shoes off at another friends wedding Labor Day weekend.

Ending my amazing summer of 2017, with a month long celebration of my birthday (I seriously have the best group of friends!).

So during this fall and winter I have a few items on my bucket list I would like to cross off:
  1. National Parks in Washington: There are three National Parks; Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park, and Mount Rainier. I’ve already done many parts of the Olympics and Northern Cascades, but I have yet to make it down to Mount Rainier.
  2. Olympic Hot Springs
  3. Hurricane Ridge
  4. Corn Maze
  5. Haunted House
  6. Levenworth for Christmas
  7. Snow Tubing
  8. Snow-Shoe
  9. Learn to Snow Board
  10. Yoga! Lots more yoga!

My master bucket list is much larger than the above, however I decided to just pick out the ones I would like to accomplish for this upcoming Fall and Winter months.

Last year I was busy exploring other parts of Washington, and the above list is left over from what I wanted to accomplish last year and new activities that I discovered too late in the year to do! As a result, I have been waiting patiently for this time of year to get in some of these experiences!

Fingers crossed that I get to check them all off this year! What’s on your bucket list to-dos, do you have any suggestions for me to check out!?