When my best friend from college called me and told me he wanted to come to Washington I was so excited.

It made me even more excited when Brett said he really wasn’t that interested in sight seeing in the city, what he really wanted was to hit the coast line of the PNW! I could not wait to show him this beautiful state that I had fallen in love with!

Brett and I met on move-in day at Rhode Island College in late August of 2007. He was assigned the dorm across the hall, and we immediately hit it off. From sneaking into bars, late night study sessions, graduation, and finally a move across the country; we have been close throughout our college and adult lives.

I also want to admit that Brett was the perfect candidate for a trip I had been planning to second beach!

Second BeachMostly because when we were in college, I forced him to watch every single twilight movie – not only that, but I made him go to the midnight showings (he is such a trooper to put up with me)! So in case you are not familiar with the twilight series – it is based in Forks, Washington. And can you guess where Second beach is? That’s right – just past Forks Washington!

Being the wonderful friend that I am, I conveniently left out that little detail while explaining to him what I had in mind for his visit.

I thought it would be hilarious for him to notice the vampire sightings and werewolf signs while heading into Forks! And it was at least for me! Brett just rolled his eyes, and told me that he remembered not so fondly the midnight showings haha.Second Beach

This was also the first time I had planned a trip and did not go with a friend who was well seasoned with the Washington trails and camp sites!

So with lots of research and crossed fingers that everything would go according to plan we set off!

Our first stop was in Port Angeles to pick up our camping permit and to make a quick pit stop to borrow a bear canister from a friend, and off we went!

Hall of MossesWe made our first that afternoon at the Hall of Mosses in the Hoh Rain Forrest– which was really cool – except for the part that it was mid-august and it had been an extremely dry summer. So the moss was a little bit on the dry-crunchy side. But regardless it was an amazing experience; we walked through the two shorter of the three trails – Hall of Mosses Trail (.8 miles), and the Spruce Nature Trail (1.2 miles). We found an excluded area by the river and had our lunch there. It was so beautiful!

Next we made our way to the beach! The hike in wasn’t too difficult, and we found a perfect spot on the beach – which wasn’t too crowded either!

We truly lucked out with the day! It was beautiful and sunny, but not too hot! The beach was absolutely gorgeous. We not only got really lucky with our camping spot, a non-crowded weekend, we also got an amazing sunset! The pictures just don’t do it justice.

WashingtonThat night we kicked around a soccer ball that was left from the previous campers, and played some Frisbee with Brett’s infamous glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, which by the way, I had forgotten how bad I am at catching a Frisbee!

In the morning we got up at sunrise and bundled up to take a walk down the beach, while still very cold, it was so peaceful listening to the waves and the fog made the whole experience really beautiful.


After making some breakfast and coffee – which tasted even better when sitting on a beautiful beach in the Pacific Northwest – we noticed that the tide was remarkably low! It was probably one of the coolest experiences that I have had. You could walk right up to the largest seastack and almost walk all the way around it!

The whole time we were both yelling to each other – Over here! And Oh my god look at this! It was so much fun! If we had better shoes we would have been able to climb one of the seastacks, but it was safer to just admire from afar!

There were mussels, starfish, sea cucumber, sea urchin and anemones. I did not realize that the Pacific Northwest had so many species of starfish! After some research I realized we had found several purple stars, blood stars, and sand stars.

This was by far one of my favorite trips in Washington! The Pacific Northwest’s beaches are seriously incredible! I highly recommend making a visit out to Second beach if you happen to be out here in the beautiful PNW!